Sunday, March 20, 2016

Stash Report, A Movie and a New Light Source

Some people just go to movies, or have dinner and a movie.  I have a Stash Report and a movie!

The Danish Girl. Oh, you gotta see it.  It is emotional, deep, gripping, amazing.

It is about the painter husband and wife Gerde and Einan Wegener around 1930.  That is all I am going to tell you, you just need to see it.

The stash report is less amazing.  Just a bunch of bindings.  Three quilts worth

Used this week -1.50 Used this month -21.00 Used this year -83.50
Bought this week 0.00 Bought this month 0.00 Bought this year 20.00
Plus or minus -1.50 Plus or minus -21.00 Plus or minus -63.50

You can see in this photo just how dark my New Orleans Dining Room is.  That is
important is not really a dining room any more, it is where my long arm now resides.  Dining rooms you want mood lighting, long arm rooms you do not.

So I purchased a construction light to put
at one end.  beautiful.  But now I was working in a huge cave on the other side.  So today I forced my pin challenged husband to take me to Lowes
whereupon I immediately purchased an additional light.

Now I am lit up like the Las Vegas Strip!

See the chandelier?  I've  hit my head on that stupid thing a million times.

I definitely recommend these lights.  Relatively cheap at $70.  Cheaper than Ott lights.  Far stronger. And more versatile.  You can take the light off the stand and carry it to where you need it, like a retreat.

It kinda looks like those moon rovers, doesn't it.

I have the product number if you would like to have it.

This is the footprint of the stand.  I show this because I want you to appreciate the difficulty of finding a pin or a bobbin dropped on that carpet.


  1. The lights look great. Does it get the area hot? And do you have problems with shadows?

  2. mmmm I see an electrician in your future and a new light fixture.

  3. Can you raise the chandelier by using a pipe cleaner to tie up the chain links so you don't hit your head as often? (and I'm a firm believer in light of all kinds)

  4. I wonder if they would be good with photographing your quilts inside? What kind of bulbs do they take? Look like they would be a good interrogation tool

  5. It looked like you were trying to quilt in a cave! The new lighting will make a world of difference!


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