Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cajun Camps - A New Quilt

In some parts of the county people have beautiful cabins in the woods.  Some have places on the little stream gurgling down the rocks and through the trees.  Some have summer homes in pastures with white fences and wide screened windows just outside the city hustle and bustle.

In Louisiana we have fishing camps.  

Cypress wood walls, always a stove to cook what you catch, sometimes leaning precariously.  

This is my duck blind, made in the style of the Build A Barn book by Julie Sefton.  I will be doing a blogpost about the book and my progress on the Cajun Camps in May.  May 23, 2016 to be exact. That was my mother's birthday!!!

Julie will be soooo excited to see her barns become Cajun Camps.....maybe.

I paperpieced a duck to sit on top of it.  But it could be a decoy up there.  That duck was tiny, yeah.  But I do love to paperpiece!

I think it needs a tree and maybe a pirogue.  I can take the side piece off and add stuff, but that is all I have of that fabric.  I might try to applique one on......oye!  

FYI - A pirogue is the flat bottomed boat used all through the swamps.  We had one back before we had Carrie!  Kinda like a canoe, you use a paddle to move it through the alligators........

Stay tuned! 


  1. I've seen duck blinds with ducks nesting on the top. Only in Cajun Country.

  2. oh I doooo love the duck blind !!!! too too funny. Your brain is a colorful place.

  3. A regular swamp people palace - love it! The duck is great but now you need a gator :-)

  4. Love it! That duck is so cute! Depending on how big you make it you could introduce a couple more dark blue fabrics, intermix them and just keep going! Running out of the blue will force you to be more creative! I think the gator idea quiltefabricart suggested is brilliant! Maybe a snake too?

  5. Oh, yes! Julie is definitely excited!!

  6. Looking good! Pirogue is the French word for canoe.


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