Monday, April 11, 2016

Dogs Are Home, and All My Wash Is Done

Everything is good, except McGee keeps coughing up a bunch of phlegm all over my rug, the sofa, the floor.  We are running around trying to stick towels under his face when he starts coughing, which  annoys the devil out of him and he manages to avoid the towel about 50% of the time.

Did 3 loads of clothes, washed/folded/hung.

Went to grocery and got milk, yogurt, celery.......can't live in South Louisiana and not have celery!

So here are a few photos from the trip and we can get back to quilting stuff.

 Greater New Orleans Bridge on the Mississippi River.  this is where the Cruise Ships dock.

Our Ship, there were 4200 passengers this cruise.  639 were with the band NiklBeer out of Lafayette.  Amazing.  Private parties every night, concerts mid-ship, just amazing.
 Once you leave New Orleans you head down river and out the mouth to the Gulf of Mexico.  Frank calls on all the plants so he was entertaining  group of people pointing out the various companies and what they make.  This one is the Domino Sugar facility and I have no idea what the other one is.  they all look alike to me!  But you can see the bend in the river.

This is the Naval Yard where they have filmed episodes of NCIS: New Orleans!  Remember how good Scott Bacula looked on the show Quantum Leap many moons ago?

Sunset on the river is so beautiful.  the whole cruise we had the most perfect weather.   As it got dark, the Norwegian Dawn (upon which we have also sailed) passed us just before we reached the mouth of the Mississippi.

Sailing right into Key West!

Ernest Hemingway cooked eggs on  that little stove there in the corner!

The garden are beautiful, and full of 54 kitties with 6 toesies!  These polydactyl cats all are descendants of Snowball.  A cat named Jake had 28 toes.

The polydactls were thought to be lucky so they were found on many sailing ships.  Mousers, they were.

Here is the Travel Basset having tea with one of the Mitten Kittens.

Key West is  full of loose chickens.

And here is the Basset hobnobbing with Papa himself.  The Statue Garden in the center of the port area is full of notable personages who loved coming to Key West.

 We kayaked through the mangroves in Freeport, Bahamas.

 And ended up on the most beautiful beach.  The photo with frank is at the point where the fresh water river down the center of the island meets the ocean.

So many animals on the beach!

The beach is truly beautiful!

 Nassau!  Oh My!  Segways!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Segways!

 This is a LOOP type facility just off the shore.  It takes the oil
tankers and brings their cargo to the holding tanks on land via underwater piping. Those tall yellow things are the pipes that extend to the ships.

 Condomize?  No Problem, Mon.
 Frank ordered fish and chips and got piranha.  When he opened the container, I jumped back about 10 feet.  Man that thing was ugly!

These are conch shells.  I did eat fried conch.  It was certainly prettier than Frank's meal!

4 Cruise ships in port!  It sure is a beautiful  place though.

 Here is the Travel Basset riding the segway with his Bahamian buds.

We left, heading home.

New  Orleans in the dawn is truly beautiful.

When you want to sail again, just let me know!  We are heading out to sail the Panama Canal next!


  1. Beautiful photos - looks like it was a grand adventure!

  2. So beautiful! I have been to Key West and had a good time there. Did you have to have a passport? When I went on my cruise a long time ago, you didn't need a passport - just your birth certificate.

  3. that ship is larger than some cities

  4. Wow! Just beautiful ! The kayaks looked really fun but the Segways look even funner.


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