Friday, April 1, 2016

How needles are made

Since I can't offer you much more than my sob story about having to take Frank to the eye doctor yesterday claiming he can't see out of one eye. 

(Which turned out to be a cloudy area that the doctor could not determine anything was wrong, and necessitated us going to an optic scan this morning.)

(It was an all day thing and all night thing because when his eyes are dilated he thinks he is practically dying.) 

(And he can only sleep.)  (He slept from 4:30pm to 8 PM when Doc Martin came on)  (And he watched that with his eyes closed)

So I got much of nothing done after I left Paula.  And will get about the same done today since they will probably dilate his eyes again  today.  Geez.  

Judy put this on her FB yesterday and I thought you might enjoy some enlightenment as well.

I recently did a presentation at my guild about needles, but this is a visual of how needles are made. 

I am really surprised that we can buy them so cheaply!

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  1. The didn't show how they were sterilized, but I would think that was part of the process. It is a lot of work to make them!


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