Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Quilting Yesterday

Well, I didn't actually quilt.  I went to a quilt meeting then read the first few chapters in the Build A Barn book.

Don't laugh, that is more than I have done in two weeks.

And the book is pretty interesting, Julie talks about why barns look like they do and some historical aspects of the See Rock City signs.   Quite interesting actually.  I went to Rock City as a kid.  I remember the gnomes everywhere!  And Headache Rock!  My dad hit his head on it, metaphorically.  but we thought it was hysterical.

But I digress.......

At the meeting last night the program was 54-40 or Fight.  Historical as well as constructional.  If that is a word.  Interesting.

Now i want to do another one.   But of course there is no time and space for another project.  I did both of these in 2006.  there was another but I gifted it to  my dog friend Molly.

I actually cleaned up something.  It was a corner of my den/living room.  Small, but it is now free of all the stuff that lived there for a while.  Mostly books, quilt projects and a pencil sharpener that has  been there since Carrie started using pencils.

I guess that  most people move and thusly clean out, move things, cull stuff and renew.  We have been here for all of Carrie's life and it just stays here.

But, Gentle Reader.

I found out I am not a hoarder,  I threw most of it out!  Except for the cookbooks,  I need the cookbooks.  And the Fabric stuff, I need that too.  And the pens, one  can never have too many pens...............


  1. Congratulations on getting that corner cleaned! Those quilts are beautiful! The design is traditional but the colors you used are not and that gives them a more modern feel. I have been trying to clean off a space that I would just dump stuff. I pitched some stuff, gathered like items together and found a home for them, etc. but I still am not quite done.

  2. That second quilt/top is marvelous.

  3. Your stories are so much fun to read ... Thanks for the smiles!


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