Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ready for the Barns - Almost

Today I have a lot of work in my studio so I  can get in there and work again.  It seems I clear it off, then do some stuff, then it looks like it was never touched!
Chickens in Key West

I guess that is progress forward!

If it stayed clean that would mean I was not working.

My plans for today are to meet Carrie for breakfast, head to the Farmer's Market and then come home and work on my space.

Not that I am Christian, but I am watching the Pope's plane take off with three Muslim families on board.  My overwhelming feeling is that if Isis took three Christian families, what would their fate be?  Very different, I am sure.


  1. Mine will be clean for a week and then watch out!

  2. I am far from being Catholic but this pope is very cool. He is the Dali Llama , the Buddha and dare I say Mr. J.C. all rolled into one.

    Were you able to go see the sunset spectacle of craziness in key West?


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