Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bad Bad Dog and a Clean Clean Corner

I am better today.  My face looks zombie-fied though.

I had chocolate zucchini muffins for breakfast.  Now they are gone.......gone........gone.

McGee had the rest of them (9 to be exact) for lunch today.   McGee somehow pulled the bag down, I think he had help from the "big" dog.  DiNozzo is well known for his ability to reach stuff on the countertops. 

They were good while they lasted.

And I got it into my head yesterday that I needed a bookcase bedside table.  The corner of my bedroom (on my side, not Frank's) is a mess.  So I looked online and decided to visit some stores today before I ordered online.

I was at Hobby Lobby for and ink pad when i looked up and saw this beauty at 30% off!

I wish i would have taken a before photo for you  to see what a fabulous, amazing, HUGE job I did.

Those pillow go on my bed and will eventually have a set of quilts to match them.  Eventually.....

And then I looked for a place to put the filing cabinet I had been using as my bedside table for the last 8 years. It was my place for all my Toastmaster stuff.  I was in Toastmasters for 22 years and had achieved every possible award and certification.  And I chaired 8 conferences, and so many Officer Training.  I was over 3 states and loved every minute!

But I tossed 4 recycle bin containers of paperwork.  Part of a past life now.

And I found $16 in the bottom of a drawer!  So I made money!

I need to find a new home for this baby.

And do you see the place the filing cabinet is?  I got in there and cleaned out about 7 boxes of stuff.  I was surprised to see that one thing was a tote bag full of Toastmaster stuff and another was a box full of stuff from when I was President of Sassi Strippers Guild!

That is how long that stuff has been sitting there.  

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  1. Cleaning out DOES feel good -- amazing what we squirrel away, isn't it.


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