Thursday, May 12, 2016

I Dreamed I Was In An Art Class

Well, I didn't actually dream about the art class itself, but I did dream about the events around the art class.

This is what happened:

Patty the Quilt Lady and I decided we needed something different to shake up our lives.  So I flew up from Louisiana to Ohio where she lives.  We were going to take an art class at Ohio University!

So we both do a lot of walking so we decided to walk there.  We got there pretty quickly I guess because the next thing I knew is that we met this really nice art student guy who showed us to our dorm room.  Must have been a LONG class we were taking!

And of course Patty and I walked to the building where class would be held.

But it began to rain and they cancelled the class.  And it raining hard!  Pouring cats and dogs!

Brief summary of 2016 smart fortwo vehicle information
photo from SmartCarForTwo

Now that Patty and I  couldn't walk anywhere, somehow we had her car.  And it was one of those little tiny cars.  But we fit into it with no problem.  As she was driving we had to cross a street that had water running across it.

photo from FEMA
And the car floated away with the current!  But we were not upset at all. In fact, Patty says to me, well it won't be the first time i have slept on these rocks!

Well, Patty, if you were a better driver maybe I would have figured out what the art class was about!

Next time I will drive.  We know how to navigate water here in Louisiana



  1. I am not sure if this was a dream or a nightmare! This is just too funny! I loved the pictures you added. I sure would like to know what art class we were taking!

  2. Oh my! Y'all should practice "Turn around don't drown". Was the class rescheduled?

  3. Probably the dream took a wrong turn into the river due to Friday the 13th. Bizarre dream - what could it mean? Lots of walking so you are healthy and in top shape - a young man showing you ladies to a dorm room - hmmmm :-)

  4. No, no, let's say a young man showing you beautiful young ladies to a dorm room. Now that's a dream!


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