Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Patty The Quilt Lady and Walking

Patty has always been sort of an icon for me.  She walks.  A lot.  Every day.

And she gets so much quilting done AND she works!   Definitely an icon.

 See her rock and roll t shirt quilt HERE

the other day she told me she walked the construction site and totaled 22K steps on her Fitbit.

The most I have had is around 15 or 16K and that was on the cruise.  So I have been pushing it this week.  I hit 13.5K today.  But that was with a half mile morning dog walk, a .9 mile walk by myself mid morning, a late afternoon walk by myself for 1.2 mile and another half mile dog walk at 10 pm.

Good Lord, Girl!  You walked A LOT to get to 22K!

I need to find you on the fitbit challenge site and you can see how lazy I am on some days!

glen: hey, girlfriend, wait up!  I'm coming!


  1. My goodness your words are so kind to me. I have my lazy days too. I haven't lost any weight because I have a horrible sweet tooth since I started with my fitbit in January 2015, but I can tell the difference in the strength I have in my legs. It is much easier to walk up steps and push the mower uphill. Thank you for your kind words and such a lovely shout out! P.S. your work inspires me too!

  2. A lofty goal to keep up with patty - and she mows the lawn too! Patty will live long and prosper. I need to step up

  3. 22 K is a little over 134 miles or ... half a marathon. Wow!


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