Saturday, May 7, 2016

Quilting Doings

I met yesterday with 5 modern quilters.  We drank beverages, I had a coffee.  Really.  I am on that diet, you know.

7 lbs down.   And I am off to walk another one off in a minute.

I have a project for this month's Fiber Group.  The theme is Love.

I have a great photo of Carrie on her wedding day.  I really need that package of light batiks that Carol told me to get, that I said I was going to, and put it off..............

I am going to manipulate the photo a bit, cut it down.  I have a really great picture in my head, so lets see how close I can come.

But then how can you make that face anything but beautiful?

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  1. She is stunning! But of course she is, she is your daughter after all. Happy Mothers Day! I hope you can do something special :-)


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