Monday, May 2, 2016

Stash Report

Oh, Lordy, I like lost a day.

Must have been the UFO convention.

So I have a stash report].  But that is all, because have to be down at the vet to meet with my other vet cousin this morning after my Diet Group meets.  (Four pounds this week!)

I have nothing to declare as going out, but I did have that wayward purchase of 11 yards of that winter batik....

Here is how I stand as of April 30.

Used this week 0.00 Used this month 0.00 Used this year -84.00
Bought this week 11.00 Bought this month 11.00 Bought this year 31.00
Plus or minus 11.00 Plus or minus 11.00 Plus or minus -53.00


  1. Look at it this way: the UFO convention was entertaining but you pay for entertainment somehow...this cost you time. However, the rest of us were also entertained (lots) and you had blog-worthy content, so it's at least a wash, but we (you're adoring readers) came away smiling at little to no cost. On behalf of your adoring fans: thank you!

  2. Congrats on the four pound loss! I have nothing to show for April. I didn't buy anything, I started the quilt for my sister, but it didn't get done. I am still down 9 yards for the year not counting my sister's quilt. Since I won't be working at Miller's I won't be adding anything to my stash, which I usually do every year.


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