Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bunny Progress - Day 3

From DisneyWiki
We had  thunder off and on nearly the entire day.  McGee spent a lot of time in his laundry room hideout.  He would go back and forth between my sewing room window and the laundry room.  Poor guy.  He wanted to go outside in between thunder booms after lunch, and I forgot he was out there.  DiNozzo got up to ask me to find McGee and bring him inside.  Sorry, McGee!

I talked to a friend of mine who designs workouts for people.  She gave me some ideas for a quick, but lethal, 10 minute set of exercises that is equivalent to working in a weight room and a run!  Since I don't have my gym membership anymore and I can't run with my knee, I will give this a month and see what happens.

Soon you will say, Hey, is that Jessica Rabbit???????  Oh, no, it is just glen with the red hair.  Obviously the scar is on the OTHER knee! 

Bunnies.........I made two more sets of blocks in both quilts.  This is the part that doesn't appeal to me, but machine applique is better than needle turn applique.

I did OK.  Not 100% perfect, but very passable.  There was a few time when I was getting tired that I hit the button to make the stitches wider rather than thinner.  And not all my turns were perfect.

But I really like the way this is turning out!  None of this will matter when it all comes together!  It will be beautiful!

The bunny will get his ears when the quilt border goes on because they overlap onto the border fabric.

I don't know why they were all over that turkey red.  You really can't see any of it...........

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  1. You got a lot done! They are going to be so cute! That is so great you have a friend who came up with a plan for you. Unfortunately that is the easy part, that is, getting plan! We all know executing that plan is the hard part, but you are on a roll so I am confident you will succeed!


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