Monday, June 6, 2016

Oh Oh!

I was shocked!

I went to feed the Fishes of the Seas this morning and was greeted by this:

I thought, Oh, Ahab finally got Moby!

Actually it is OK, I give the fishes zucchini.  It floats for about 2 days then they start eating it.  They strip the flesh of the zuke and leave the peel.  They love it!  I also supplement them with goldfish pellets.

You can see there are still two fish in there.  And I saw Dino the Plecostomus two days ago.  He looks very dinosaur like, so he is called Dino.  He was hanging on the side of the bowl, just chillin'.

this is not him, but someone else's photo of one in an aquarium.  I can't see Dino in my dark bowl.

I poked him with a stick just to make sure he was still living.  He was.

I will give him to someone with an aquarium during the winter, as he won't be able to live in the cold we have.


  1. How is your doggie doing?? I did panic when looking at your 1st pic in my blog reader! Sure looked like a fish bone that had been cleaned! :)

  2. And my mom had a "Dino" that started chasing the goldfish. She took him out of the tank and put him in a pan of water for a "time out". Didn't do much good, but she felt better.


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