Wednesday, July 6, 2016


You remember when I was doing the 52 Photos Project?  It was a fabulous website by Bella Cirovic.  She is a write an a photographer and put together this blog for 4 years.  The last installment was at the end of April 2016.  I knew I would miss it.

And I do.

So I have tried out several things, but nothing was a perfect for me as 52 Photos Project.   But this week I found a few things on Pinterest, but I have to work on it on my own as opposed to being in a comforting group. 

I actually created some pretty cool photos.  And a few ideas for some modern quilts! 

So I will play with this a while.  The prompts are set up for daily work, and that probably won't happen.  But I can work in order numerically. 

And see what happens.  If anyone would like to join me, I can send you the website.  I have looked at her photo prompts before when I decided on 52 Photos.  I liked her approach.  However there were so many people involved, now the group followers number over 25K. 

I am sure a significant number of those may not be active, and some are like me following independently.  But I like the fact that I can post to an Instagram link if I have a particularly fantastic photo that day. 

Or week.

Whatever, I plan on having me some fun with the camera again!

Which brings me to my favorite word, photovoltaic.   It means converting light into electricity.


  1. Send me the link please -- I'm curious.

  2. I really like the line and light on the pelican

  3. Can you send me the link? I do love a good prompt project. Usually I start out all gung ho and then other stuff gets in the way but it gets me jazzed for awhile anyway.

  4. I'd like the link, but to send to my sister who is photography nut. I'll look but there will never be a picture shot by my hands that are good enough for anything but my enjoyment and my blog. I'd love to know why I can't take a still shot with a tripod and it be in focus. Sigh.


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