Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Quilt Haus

I spent the morning at the Quilt Haus and didn't get a single thing done!

We gossiped, petted fabric and looked at the brand spanking new HQ Avante on site!  Oh, my.

So.  I find myself in need of white thread.  Not a single spool in the house.  I have bought fabric, with nary a thought of how I will sew it back together once I cut it apart!

I love my LQS, but lordy, the thread prices are high!  I need to drive out to the sticks and check out the new shop my HQ dealer has moved into.  She has OMNI at pretty good prices. 

So where are the sales on thread happening?


  1. I got Aurifil for under $10 in Houma.

  2. Home Sew has Signature cones (40 wt) for $10.98 or 6 for $58.75 and shipping is $6.75. For regular sewing thread I love Superior threads new Sew Complete. Right now it is $3.50 a spool. I have been looking for thread sales too. Are you signed up for newsletter from Superior? They always send out info on sales.

  3. I love Superior threads and buy some in Houston when I go. Between shows I order from them but can't find the number right now. I bet you could find them on FB or on Google. Their prices are pretty good.


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