Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Red Solo Cup Dyeing.......in Yogurt Cups

They said it wouldn't rain, by mid-afternoon we'd had an inch.

I wanted the warm temps on my driveway to batch the dyes.  The rain cooled it a bit and disappeared the sun, but I don't think it really mattered.  To keep the rain from diluting the dye, I covered the cups with the plastic bag I used on the table.

The technique is from Nina Marie Sayer and can be found at:

Red Solo Cup Dyeing

Nina Marie explains the process in easy to understand terms.  All you need is about an hour.  That will allow you time to prepare the area, mix your dyes, create your dye pots, set it to batch and clean up.  One hour, that's all.

As the process went along, I kept thinking, I need to take photos.

Did I?  Nope.

But I did get the best part, the finished pieces!

My only complaint is the light colors.  I soaked the unbleached ecology  cloth in soda for 2 hours.  And I also used soda and salt in the dye mix.    So I may try again this week and use more dye in the pot.  I didn't measure, but I did use more than a teaspoon in each cup.  Hmmmm.......

..........and as an added bonus, I found a clump of these threads in the bottom of the washing machine!


  1. Those pieces seem to mimic the sky. I just love the threads!

  2. I think the fabric results are very good! Those pieces of fabric look big to stuff in a solo cup. I always had an issue of getting those dark saturated colors. I don't know what the answer is.

  3. What yummy fabric! I like the one hour time span. Not that I'm going to play with dyeing. My brain is already screaming with ideas, but if I were this is the route I'd take.

    I like that you mixed colors and can tell which fabrics were the last ones since they are muddy. Those bright ones, though, wow! Maybe try measuring so you know how much is more than the last time. Have fun!

  4. they came out good - you could try overdyeing them and see what you get. Did it take an hour?

  5. Hi Glen - How did I miss this post?! These look great. If your colors aren't brillant enough, there are a couple of things you can check - more dye might be it - but it could be that your water. I filter all of mine. Also, my measurements were for 1 fq pieces - are these bigger?! So glad to see how it worked for you!!


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