Friday, August 12, 2016

Anniversary in the Rain

Here's a unique thing  about our area that you probably don't have happen.  The caskets are popping up out of the ground!  Yep.  And the water moccasins are out in full force.  And piles of fire ants float on the moving current.  It is interesting in Louisiana when it is flooding!

Andrew's  brother's house is under 2 feet of water tonight.  It took him most of the day to get home from the plant.  He works nights across the river and when he left work, the house was fine but the roads were being closed.  

We were supposed to be on the beach today for our anniversary.  Basking in the sun, surf and sand.  I had a bottle of some sort of concoction I was going to take down to the beach tonight and drink with the big fishes!

44 years.  How did I get so old?  I was looking at the back of my hand last night.  Veins.  Wrinkles.  How diid I get wrinkles on my hands?

So since we aren't on the beach, and we are flooding everywhere, I called Bonefish Grill and asked if:

1:  Are you flooding?
2:  Are they open?
3:  Do we need reservations tonight?

She laughed and said, as long as she has servers, they are open, and we definitely don't need reservations tonight of all nights!

So we will meet some friends over there, maybe grab me some lobster since they will have a glut of them.  And maybe a nice glass of wine........or a bottle of wine. 

And you know Frank doesn't drink, right?  So it will be ALL MINE!


  1. I am glad that you are making the best of the situation. Happy anniversary and, as the French would say, bon soir and bon soif! And enjoy that lobster, too!

  2. So sorry that you two are spending your anniversary in this insane weather....and that you had to cut your vacation short. Here's hoping that the BR hurricane runs out of steam. I'm fairly sure that we'll get more of it this weekend, but it's just storming and raining right now. The puppies are having fits, so I told Richard I may put together a make-shift thunder coat for each of them. How are the bassets handling all of this?

  3. Congratulations on forty-four years (we just passed forty-one). And yes, my hands have wrinkles and veins, too.


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