Monday, August 8, 2016


I have been so busy, I already have 7559 steps on my Fitbit.  But all the dog hair has been vacuumed up from under the sofa and love seat.  Yesterday it hit 14,898 steps, which is 6.55 miles.

I got my photo prompts up to date by posting the

Clouds yesterday (looks like the clouds are coming out of the chimney at Ormond Plantation in LaPlace, LA



the Fence today.

Two dogs go to the vet for annual tomorrow and I have to do bloodwork for my own annual exam before noon tomorrow.  How am I going to get that all done in the same 4 hours?

By noon it should all be done.......somehow.

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  1. Hey that pictures does look like smoke from the chimney! Who but you would make a dog appointment and a person appointment on the same morning? Drop the dogs, run get blood drawn, pick up the dogs....I guess.


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