Sunday, August 7, 2016

Dog Show

This is what a dog show looks like from the exhibitor's perspective.

We went to Kenner, LA (just outside of New Orleans, one of the hard hit places from Katrina) (and where Frank and I used to live) to the Pontchartrain Center for the Louisiana Kennel Club Dog Show.

When Katrina hit, the Pontchartrain Center was full of beautiful quilts hanging in the GSQA Show.  It was very damaged and the quilts were soaked and blown around.

Our friends show Borzoi, big Russian hounds, and have a houseful of Champions.  Two were at this show competing against other Borzoi.

Here are a few pictures from

Look!  Springy Things!  Behaving nicely!

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  1. No bassets?

    I'm sure all clubs are different but I went to a show a couple years ago just to see what it was like and found the owners rather snooty. I tried to ask questions about the breeds and most wouldn't give me the time of day. The whole show was disappointing so never went to another one. It was interesting to see all the primping, combing and blow drying behind the scenes though . And I remember seeing a huge Mastif outside doing his business - biggest poop I've ever seen! That dog was magnificent . I couldn't deal with the drool but they are really awesome dogs.


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