Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Frank Is Still Alive

So I kept Frank alive today!  A major accomplishment, obviously.

Doctor said his leg was looking good. Thank heavens for that huge thing.

We have started power washing where the dogs will be walking around the camper. We are watching the tropics. Man, if it going to come let it be now when everything is already pulled out!

We are hoping to have the dogs home by Saturday. We need to fence off only where they will be allowed and figure out how to get crates in the camper. And keep 'McGee from eating the camper. I have no idea how that will be accomplished.

Frank will head to New Orleans tomorrow to visit one Shell Square. It will be his first truck trip!  I think he is excited to be getting back to work. We have the appointment with the adjuster on Monday.  I have been hearing that people are maxing out on their costs, so it is hopeful for us.

I get to stay By myself and work my buns off. Get this.  Frank has lost 12 lbs since this started. I have lost 1. ONE. Uno. How is that fair?


  1. doesn't seem fair for Frank to loose the weight and not you - we know you must be stressed to the max - usually that means loosing weight to me. Good luck with crates in the camper - stack them? Can they be in part of the house at night instead of the camper in their crates?

  2. My dad's second wife used to say that when SHE went on a diet, she hardly lost weight but my Dad would practically melt away! No way that's fair.

    Good luck with everything. My prayers are with you.

  3. An echo from my youth - life's not fair. I can top that my husband and I can walk side by side and he will get more steps on his fit bit - what? As Taylor Swift would say "Shake it Off". My granddaughter who is 7 has been telling me that all summer.'

  4. Glad to hear Frank's leg is getting better. You need to feed him more whether he wants to eat or not! No, it is not fair that he had lost 12 pounds and you one.


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