Monday, August 29, 2016


The adjuster came today.  You know, I don't know how regular people do it.  frank and I have been fortunate in this lifetime  We have saved a fair amount of money toward retirement, and we have all that stash of cash, LOL.

So far we have paid for truck, $15K for demolition, $12K for the clean up and mold remediation.  The mold starts in 5 hours and is in full blown force at 36 hours.   And $6K for the big dehumidifiers and blowers for the drying out. 

State Farm says it could take 6 to 10 weeks to get the settlement check cut.  How can people
do that?  I also pretty much know that this will end up costing us money.  How are people doing that as well?  I feel for so many families who live pay check to pay check but are making it.  This may pull them under the water, so to speak.

So here was today's "Priceless Moment".

Adjuster came, Carrie came as well. 

He is doing his thing, asking me questions abort the house and the materials.  Carrie is adding or asking a few light questions as he goes.

He gets into the kitchen and is measuring the cabinet area.  Carrie had a problem with the way he had measured one area and said that his tape measure was a bit off.

He responds with, I have done this before, I know how to measure.

Carrie responds with, I know how to measure as well.

He looks at her sideways, and says, Oh, you are an adjuster?

No, she says, I am a partnered architect at an architectural firm.


You go, my Girl!


  1. Six to 10 weeks for a check is criminal! You pay your premiums on time, they should have to pay a claim promptly! I would be calling customer service! I am glad Carrie spoke up and put that guy in his place.

  2. Priceless is right. Having that adjuster's attitude when dealing with people who have lost so much? Worthless!

  3. Priceless moment indeed! A little bit of joy to brighten up an awful day. And as to how other people do it - so many lose everything. Hopefully there will be many charitable efforts to help out.

  4. Glenda, I am so sorry you're going through this. You're so right . . how are the average folks surviving, many of whom live from payday to payday through no fault of their own?

    This is a time when the insurance adjusters should be bending over backwards to help people and why does it take so long to get a check? Why can't they write it there on the spot? Next time you get a bill, what would happen if you told them you'd pay it in 10 weeks?? So aggravating!

  5. Whoa, that rooster's messing with the wrong chicken!
    (I don't know why that phrase--it's an old country phrase that just came to mind as I was reading.)

    I wonder what happened to the adjuster with the van that holds the whole insurance business in its computer. You know, where the guy sits down at a little desk in the back of the van and makes a few clicks on the computer, then the computer does its thing and spits out a check. That's the guy (and van) you should have asked for. Imagine that he knows how to use a tape measure and a computer. How priceless would that be?

  6. Ha! Ha! She is her mother's daughter all right - you go girl!


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