Saturday, August 13, 2016

Rain, Update on Saturday

Wow, what an ordeal.  Michael and family are at Carrie's.  I helped arrange a space at our vet or their dog.  Of  course no vet records.  they didn't think of it as they were grabbing the few things they could.  I would recommend everyone go right now and copy your vaccination records and put them in your car. Copies are cheap.

Traveling to dog shows, I always had to have my vet records so it is something I always have with me.

One of the things I didn't think about until someone asked me about was basements.  We don't have basements anywhere, so the flooding is all above ground and into the houses.  

When we got home from Carrie's, we walked in the back of our property.  The section of the yard I often take photos of, the corner with the drainage ditch, is ponded full of water.

We have never had water on our property, ever.  So this is new.  On TV, the governor is saying not to use your historical data, but to think that things will not be the same with the water levels.

Good news is that we are barely sprinkling rain at the moment.  However.  They are predicting rain tonight and tomorrow again.

The Amite River at Denham Springs, which is nearest to us and what is flooding Michael's house, is expected to crest at 46 feet.  Flood stage is 29.  And in 1983 it went to 43 feet.  And flooded everything.

I-10 and I-12 are both closed at various places because of the water rising higher than the vehicles are able to handle it.

Another problem is that the Red Cross set up, City Hall in 3 cities, animal shelters and evacuation shelters are all flooding now.  They are having to bring evacuees into Baton Rouge shelters.

Now there is nowhere for the water to go, and it is beginning to pond. 

These two photos are about 4 hours apart, water is coming up in the area behind my house.

this is the corner of my yard on a normal day.

And here is that same corner today.  Under water.

This is along Jones Creek Road that I use daily.  It is where the water from the back of my house drains into. 


  1. Who is doing animal rescue in the area? I'd like to send a donation, and would prefer to send it to a local organization rather than a big national group....... thanks, Kate

  2. At least you are safe and hope you remain so!!! Good idea on the dog records. I always take copies with me to Florida but should keep a set in my purse! Thanks for the tip

  3. I would like to know about the animal rescue as well. What happens when people have to leave their home and they can't bring their pets? Are there pet shelters? So scary.

  4. Hello! These photos of the flooding are amazing.That is so much water. We are thinking of you and hoping that the water will recede and that you will all be safe! . What a good idea to get a copy of the vaccination records. Sending many positive thoughts and hugs to you all, including your sweet puppy dog !
    Best wishes, from Marina and Daryl Lynn

  5. Glad to hear you and family are OK. Was thinking of you all and hoping that you were not flooding at your house. Prayers being said. Elaine in Oklahoma


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