Friday, August 12, 2016


Governor John Bel Edwards declared a State of Emergency for Southeastern Louisiana.  This opens the door for the Feds to help.   Can you see Baton Rouge right smack in the middle of it all?

I am glad we made the decision to come home.

Schools are closed, including LSU, that is the biggie closure in the city.  City offices, state offices are all closed.  Many of the restaurants and small businesses are closed.

The weatherman said if this had formed a bit further in the gulf it would be a named storm.  And it is sitting right over us, not moving.

Now we are getting reports of the electrical outages as the lines are affected.  I am always amazed that an area of Louisiana, known for rainy weather, is unable to shed stormwater.  In the city's defense, in the last 18 hours we have already had about 13 to 15 inches, and expect about 9 more.

Check it out  on your weather channel, it is literally a hurricane sitting over us!

We are fine here, it will take a lot of water before we have it close to the house.  But I did note the water filling the area in the back of our house this morning.  That water behind the tree is where we walk the dogs sometimes

And Jones Creek is at the top of its limits on the main boulevard in our subdivision.

None of that water should be there!

More later, I hope we don't float away!


  1. Stay safe and dry! I hope Mother Nature decides to move on and pick on someone else soon.

  2. stay dry , wish you could send us some , Ga. we are in a drought


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