Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saturday -Part Deaux

maybe some photos, Carrie  dumped my photos so i am not sure what I have on the phone sti or have access to at all.  Julie brought us a ton of turkey tetrizima, salad and chocolate chip cookies  at mid afternoon, the kids from the middle school came to offer Popsicles. The private schools have to do a projects and project hours. That was right made for them!

Can you believe I have GAINED 2 lbs???  That whole flood thing is just not worth losing 2 lbs for.  Frank is losing so much that he needs a belt and all his are wet and mouldy.  I found him a cute girly one in the top of  my closet and he was perfectly happy making do.  He wanted a belt and he got one!

Like the people living in those,tiny houses.  Well I am fixing to live in a tiny house with three bassets.

I can spend some time creating a safe place for them.  And then bring them home. Paula sled ,e today if I knew how the dogs are doing ?  I told her honestly I have not thought about them since I dropped them off.

So many people have asked how to help. Do not donate to the mega large animal funds,Mao much of your dollar,is,eaten up in administrative salaries.  Donate to local shelters and people. And consider CAAWS.  We are going into shelters to find what people need to care for thei pet and helping the,  food, water, leash, medical,attention.  We did it for Katrina Paws, we raised $40.000 for all this and feeding stations in the ninth ward for three years,

Please help, I have heard the stories, and we need to help these animals.  We get food and vaccines at cost, we get Med at cost, we get donations of food supplies and animal,supplies.

A baby deer wandered in and got taken in at Lamar Dixon.  They love him!p
And I guarantee you that the dollars you donate go to animals or animal related things like the vets and supplies.  We will also help the flooded shelter as we can.

No one at caaws takes a salary.  They offered me some of the food, but it is better donated to those who truly need it.  My boys will never go hungry, although McGee may look it!


  1. oh my dear, with each post I can tell you are just a little bit more centered. Oh I wish we were all there to help...

    what a perfectly awful experience. so glad the boys are safe and sound, and you don't need to worry about them.
    Be good to yourself and to Frank.

  2. It finally occurred to me that your stash may have been affected by the flood and then I see this picture of your sewing room! Now this is something that I can do for you--I'll gladly go pick up your fabric, wash and dry it, and return it to you. It may take a couple of days to get it back to you, but you'll know that it's safe and washed. Call or text (if you can) 3182404399, and I'll check email and your posts often in case you're able to get through that way.

  3. My heart breaks for you and others....

  4. My heart breaks for you and others....

  5. So many things I would never have thought of. Like you have to take the insulation and everything out - basically gut your house! And drinking water - I saw a news story that you gave to drink bottled water and the stores are out. Do you have water? Poor Frank - is he having nightmares?


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