Monday, August 22, 2016

Sunday madness

We  have started hearing from friends who were affected. Merilyn is 79 and still needing to work- 5 feet.  Theresa my hair genie - 2 1/2 feet living in an RV at the hardware store.  The stories go on and on.

Photos to follow.  Until I get the Internet I can't embed them

A family of rats tried to ride out the storm in my BBQ grill and didn't make it. It might have gotten saved but you know .....I probably wouldn't have eaten anything off it again

The blasted camper leaks when it rains, but hey, what is a little water?  We put a tarp over the roof section and hopefully it solves that.  COx came today said I had enough signal for a TV but not for Internet.  So we found the TV from the kitchen and it is balancing on the edge of a tiny ledge.  We have cable if we are not too exhausted to watch TV.

And we moved into a whole new realm when I had a breakdown at the Walmart grocery.  I wanted yogurt, no way to keep it cool.  I wanted codffee, no way to keep milk.  I wanted cereal, that milked thing again.  Decided we needed a fridge.  Called Glen to see if Chris still had my mother's we gave him after she died.  He built it into the bar, so Glen found a bargain one. At the Big Walmart.  So now I am stylin'  with yogurt and I can have cereal with coffee au lait.  Here's a great big thank you Glen,the hero who found my long arm pole  on the side of the road where my Freudian husband dropped it.  Do you really believe it just fell, or was it pushed?

Still working to get tools and stuff out of the house and garage.  Have not even gone to the shed yet.  Each day is a new challenge and a new triumph.  Today we got clothes back from two friends and believe it or not, we have TOO MANY clothes now!  I told Frank we need to choose 5 outfits and that is it!  I still only have two panties and bras. I went to the dollar store and bought a packet of 6 panties, but Lordy, I can't find them anywhere!

Mary, thank you for your very generous offer.  Paula has been washing clothes, quilts and fabric.  Charlene in Lafayette  took a truck bed full of water soaked fabric and containers full of above the water line but damp fabrics.

The Vietnamese guy, Kenny, who does our toes called me to see if we were OK. He had no water so the baby is safe!  I was worried about them. He said, come in and sit in his massage chair and I would feel better!

Paula made us meatball subs tonight.  Can't beat a good hot meal, in dry shoes any day! Today I got a hairbrush!  I felt like a new woman!

Remember Frank's tendency to kick and punch?  Sleeping in these smaller beds with him, I have been concerned so I chose to sleep on the outside of the bed rather than get caught against that wall.  He has been fine until last night.  He started kicking and slapping the bed!  I grabbed his arm and yelled for him to wake up. He stopped, I made him get out of bed and stand up! I was trying to make sure he was awake and out of that dream.  Can you imagine having the police come and I have a black eye?  That would be all I need!  I have told All our friends about him doing that so in case something does happen, they can verify my story down at central lock-up!  Book em, Dano!

I have some really awful stories, but these are best saved for another day. I couldn't deal with the telling.


  1. sounds like slowly day by day a little gets done, glad you have people near you helping out

  2. oh Glen,,,,
    I haven't read anything for so long... I am so sorry for your losses, so many losses. Yet, there you are indomitable. Surviving. LeeAnna

  3. SO sorry for all the items that were destroyed, but glad to hear of all the people helping out. I hope this disruption of your lives is over soon and things get back to normal.

  4. I have read how folks in Baton Rouge are checking on and helping each other -- so glad to know you are hearing from people who are near enough to actually DO things to help out. Lots of us are sending long-distance hugs and as many positive vibes as we can, but like you say, nothing beats a hot meal, a working fridge, dry shoes, and a hairbrush.

  5. I'm sorry that I didn't think to offer sooner, Glen, but not having gone through anything like this (thank God) it didn't occur to me. I'm happy that you have someone helping to salvage washables. If you need, I could store some things while you're in the camper. There's enough space in my studio to store several boxes--either fabric or clothing. I could make plans to pick up later in the week or over the weekend.

  6. So many of your virtual friends and followers in blogland are praying for you and sending good vibes your way. Keep hanging in ... you will survive this!


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