Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Triumph For Today


Co brought volunteer techs and service guys from all over the country.  My guy this afternoon was from Oklahoma.

And he bestowed internet upon our lowly trailer!

So far today we have had 3 1/'2 inches of rain.  INCHES, people.  3.5 inches just today.

And how many tropical depressions are heading our way?  3 you say?  Paltry.

Let them come now while everything is torn out of the house!

Frank drove the truck to New Orleans to meet with customers today.   He said he almost felt normal. Almost.  But he got over 30 mph on the road, so that was a great thing to hear.  His Accord would get up t0 about 38 mpg on the road.  And he was always on the road.

FEMA is a joke.  I have a whole rant about those guys.  But I will tell you this, don't unless you are already on welfare, don't expect to get any help from them.  

tomorrow, our agenda is to prepare the trailer for the bassets.  We will fence off a small area of the yard adjacent to the trailer so I can control where they go.  We have not patrolled the yard and who knows what is dead (or alive)  back there.

More later.


  1. Yay for internet. You've been in my thoughts and prayers. You've made me laugh out loud with your wonderful sense of humor and I'm thinking that's helped you cope, the humor?? Sending you a GREAT BIG HUG!! Best of luck with the dogs return....I'm thinking this will test your strength some more.

  2. So glad you got internet. FEMA is a joke and they don't get that they are the punch line. Did they keep asking you if you had insurance and if you had any savings that could get you on feet faster? Never dealt with them myself, but in the last couple of storms around here there have been complaints about the above questions and the appearance that they only help the very poor and the very rich. Again I haven't needed them so this is secondhand, but from more than one source. Hope things get better faster than the norm.

  3. I always hear the same thing about FEMA no matter what year or what has happened, never depend on them Glad you got your internet up

  4. I got stuck on driving to NOLA at 30 mph--talk about a special kind of hell. Glad he managed to get the Accord moving faster.

    Can't imagine another 3.5 inches of rain. And it's depressing to think of three systems heading our way. I hope that y'all aren't getting too blue with this gloomy weather. Come up here and hang out for a few days. We're getting a bit of sunshine between the gray clouds. It's amazing how much good a little sunshine does.

    When this is all over, you'll have to write about your FEMA rant. We love your stories and this one promises to be hilarious.

  5. Glen! This is a nightmare. I don't know why you haven't lost 25 lbs of worry. Thank God Frank responded to meds. OY! And the dogs... poor girl poor girl.

  6. Internet and the Bassetts coming home sound like progress ... Maybe slow progress with it's own set of challenges, but it IS forward movement. Just keep taking good care of yourself and Frank and keep holding on ...

  7. I have never heard anything good about FEMA. I will look forward to your essay on what the problems are with FEMA, what is their job in a crises situation, and how they are failing. Having internet is progress in the right direction. 3.5" of rain!? Glory be!! Send that rain to Ohio, we could use some. I hope the moving the dogs goes smoothly and there are no surprises in the backyard. I think about you every day and send good thoughts your way. Hang in there!


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