Sunday, September 4, 2016

Call Me a Clothes Horse!

We bunged the dogs up in the extra large Midwest crates and tossed in some lunch bones.  Our first stop was to Home Depot to pay for the Sheetrock that will be put into the boat port.  We THOUGHT it would go in today, but now it is expected on Tuesday.  A wee set back.

But OK, I can deal with that.  Dinner will just be delayed.......a few days.

Frank needed an electric razor.  His cute little baby face can't handle a disposable!  Obviously everybody and his brother also needed an electric razor because after 5 stops, we came home empty handed.  But along the way we increased our wardrobe significantly.

A single white hair on Chloe's black saddle
I tripled my wardrobe!  I bought a pair of blue jean Capri pants, two black stretch Capri pants and two tops to go with them.  Luckily most of my wardrobe was black, I just love the color and its underlying meaning.  I was a Death and Dying Counselor for many years mixed in with job counselor and dog trainer.  In fact, the college placement tests indicated I should be in funeral home services! Bet you didn't know THAT about me!

Frank scored a black belt and some New Balance 608 tennies, his all time most favorite shoes.  But no razor.

He has lost so much weight.  He wasn't much to begin with, but now his shorts just hang A his hips.  He works tirelessly every minute he is here.  I have to make him stop; enough, rest.

Whatever problems or disagreements we have had over the last 44 years, I have to say he is the hardest working man I know.  He is honest to a fault, and would never give up trying to make it better for us. He deserves the Medal of Honor among

I am so proud that our daughter has his work ethic and his drive.  They  both amaze me every single day.  Without them, I would be the sobbing mass in some dark corner.

And I so deserve them both!


  1. ah the black makes sense now... Hadn't read your post yet.

  2. You won the lottery when you married Frank and are so lucky in that regard. And yes you deserve it all :-)

  3. Congrats on the increased wardrobe! And here's to favorite tennis shoes. You and Frank need to stop for a moment and give each other a big hug. You both deserve it!

  4. I agree about the hug...well, I say give each other lots of hugs.

    Funeral services? Well, it is a form of counseling.

  5. Congrats on the clothes. Are you prime members on Amazon? Two day delivery. What type of razor is his favorite? The room will be worth the wait. Just keep repeating 4 times the space.


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