Friday, September 23, 2016

Chris - the plumber is my new best friend

In spite of the problems he encountered, he still likes me.  Like when he took the washing machine faucet off the pipe, the hot water heater contents drained into the air return and down the hallway. That was fun.   

So after a mad scramble for buckets, rags and fingers to stem the flow of water, Chris the Plumber was able to turn off the valve up in the attic.  I grabbed a sponge mop and swabbed up some overflow.

Water will haunt me forever it seems.  Then he put in, in his words, superior quarter turn valves.  I think they are like Patty the Quilt Lady's single turnoff valve.

After the Chris the Plumber left we headed out to State Lumber to look at door frames and hardware. It took longer to travel to the place than to choose.  And even longer to drive home.

Woodburners called and told me I have won the Fireplace Lottery.  They were so happy with my patience and purchase of not one, but TWO fireplaces, so they were coming on Monday.  WHAT????

That required a massive amount of rescheduling and juggling.  Cory is putting in the linoleum after the fireplace but before the W/D goes back in.  And andrew needs to run the TV cables.  And the construction guys need to brace the bricks for the TV.  AUGHHH!

Remember that black claw truck picking up the piles of trash?  We had the second pass today.  Our lawn is finally clear of all debris. 

The dogs were at the doggy spa all day getting baths and pedicures. If I have to live in such close quarters, you need to smell nice!  I was not able to enjoy the quiet at home because I was busy getting the purchase agreement together to sell the rent house on Bristoe. It had about 30 inches of water in it and my renter is already in Texas.  She was a Katrina refugee who has never worked a day in her life.  Texas offers higher welfare benefits than Louisiana does.  I guess she will be happier.

Gone Pecan, as we say here in Louisiana.

I am selling that rental to a real estate developer who is buying up a number of the homes in that subdivision.  I really am glad not to have to deal with it right now.

My first load is done and in the dryer.  I obsessively stayed for the entire cycle, wanting to make sure there would be no more water pouring onto the floor.  It didn't, and I got to watch my clothes take a spin on their new thrill ride!


  1. I just imagine you holding your breath all the time. Glad things are heading in the right direction.

  2. oh, a little bit of normalcy - - and surely there is more to come !!

  3. He would be my third bestie heading for first if he got a complete bathroom done!

  4. A working washer and dryer - how MARVELOUS!!!

  5. I know it's a scramble for you, but ... how wonderful to come to your blog and read about so much progress! Congrats on winning the Fireplace lottery.

  6. You are beginning to find fun in the disaster! I really am impressed by the resiliency you are showing and know that you have been blessed with a small respite from the horrors of recovery, but my wish is that the good continues for you.

  7. Sounds like it's almost ready to move in! 2 fireplaces? I assume they are gas? I just had one installed and turned on the first time today. Love, love! I'm to old to stoke that old wood stove I had before . When can you move in? How are you doing your sewing room? Good lighting and lots of shelves?

  8. I know exactly what you're talking about! We too had washing machine problems, well rather the pipes leading to and from the washing machine and, so I had no washer for a week! Thankfully our local plumber saved the day! He was affordable, friendly and I now have him on speed dial for any future plumbing emergencies.


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