Thursday, September 1, 2016

Now They Are Taking My Stuff

Appropriately, the trucks are black; somber indications of what they have to do.  They stop in front of each house, its debris pile so high we can't see the street anymore.  And he does his job.

In this scoop are the chairs we sat upon to eat dinner each night  The table that moved with us from Hammond 32 years ago.  We bought it because the Hammond house was so small when you put a table in the "dining room" you couldn't open the back door.  So the table we bought we could barely afford, but it had two sections that could be dropped to make the table narrow enough so the door would open.

Carrie and I refinished that table about 3 years ago.  Right here in my carport.  It was gorgeous.

now it is in the black truck.

Along with everything else.  I saw the Spotbot get picked up by its cord.  I would have yelled at Frank for doing that!  I saw my grandfather's china cabinet join the Spotbot and the table.

And I cried again.  This time for my material goods.  The things I couldn't save.  the things that couldn't swim.

I am sure I won't  replace all the stuff that goes into that black truck.  I no longer used some things.  But it was still MY stuff.

I know material goods are not what we should strive for, material goods do not count the stars you earn in the heavens.  But I don't think anyone on this earth could watch their material goods put into a black truck without a catch in their hearts.

I know I can't.


  1. I would have been crying, too -- sending EXTRA hugs today.

  2. My heart breaks for you. Even though they are just material things, I know how the are wrapped up in our experiences and our family histories which makes them precious.

  3. I admire you for being able to put all so clearly in words for us to try to understand what is happening when we hear on the TV news that an area is "flooded". My heart goes out to you. You most likely don't remember but I finished your little Cotton Robin quilt. My daughter Helen found your blog and alerted me. I hope you don't mind but I put a link to your blog into my church newsletter (happen to be the editor). I hope others read it too.
    Even though your writings are so vivid it is still hard to understand. Do you get postal mail! Are FedEx and UPS delivery?
    My family wishes that things go as best as they can for you! Extra prayers!

  4. im so sorry you saw this happen. Would have been better to just come home from somewhere and have it gone but maybe it's like a funeral. You say good bye , cry again and then are left to your grief , then healing.

  5. We all think we are above that until some THING we have an attachment to is lost. Once upon a time long, long ago I had a babysitter who stole some stuff from me and i cried because she stole a toy squirrel that my dad had given my daughter. She stole money, towels, jewelry and I didn't cry, but the squirrel made me cry. Cry all you want, because it isn't the stuff, it is the emotions you associate with the stuff. And just remember, the same people who tell you not to get wrapped up i material things shouldn't be judging you. They should be lifting you up and saying a prayer for you.

  6. to lose any one piece of that would be hard; to see it all go so viciously seems unbearable. Hugs.

  7. Everyone has already summed up what I would say. Loss is loss. Sending you big hugs.

  8. It's the things that are tangible and are representative of the intangible, so it is completely understandable that they bring on the flood of emotions. You write so candidly that I feel what you are going through....although I realize I can't know the full extent, not having lived it. Sending out a great big <<<<>>>>> to you today.


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