Saturday, September 3, 2016

Small Things With Huge Impacts

Today I received a bit of love.  Christa is a quilter who has played with me on the Cotton Robin.  In fact we are connected because she was the one who finished my amazing Cotton Robin quilt this year.

She sent me a slow cooker.  It was a simple, but heartfelt gesture of incredible kindness.  And it was exactly what I needed.

Tomorrow the work crew is coming to put up some dry wall boards in the garage.  It is a single garage attached to the carport.  In Baton Rouge we call that a Boat Port for some reason.

When we get this finished, hopefully by noon or so, we will move the few remaining pieces of furniture out of the Big House into the boat port so they can start on the dry wall in there.  And we will create a small living space that will serve as kitchen/storage/slow cooker space.

The flexibility this space will give us will be enormous.  It will literally triple or maybe even quadruple our living space.  He says I can cover his workbench with a table cloth!  LOL.  That ought to be picture worthy.

He had tools like I had quilting supplies.  We used to do a lot of woodwork and we had saws, routers and drills and sanders galore.  All of which had motors below the water line.  So to see that space cleared out and empty hurts a lot.

But.......I think it will serve us well.  With a table cloth and a slow cooker we can begin to make meals that will fill us with more than just food.

Thank you Christa, you have no idea what your small gesture of love means to me right now.

Darn it, I am crying again!


  1. Hurray for your new "kitchen" and the kindness of friends made in blogland!

  2. You are receiving mail? Hurray for that small bit of normal! Heck, a table cloth is civility itself amidst the chaos. I'm guessing the tears are always close at hand and will be for a long while. Be gentle with yourself, being flooding out is a major life stress event....respond as needed. It must be a comfort to have folks who have experienced a flood to calibrate your feelings with. I'm guessing you are holding up with the best of them....just hard to see it, right?

  3. Hooray for happy tears and for the very thoughtful Christa.hooray

  4. So thoughtful of her! A reminder that there really are a lot of good people on this world. Glad to see things progressing even if it's slow. You will make the space work.

  5. Love the possibilities embedded in this post !

  6. Yay! Christa is such a thoughtful friend. Crying happy tears is good for the soul. Wait, tears of any kind are good for the soul, I think. It's what I tell myself when they're flowing, and for me, that's very often.
    Here's an easy steak recipe to get you started:
    Season a steak (round, shoulder, t-bone, it doesn't matter) drop it into the slow cooker and pour in a can of golden onion soup and a can of French onion soup. Turn the cooker on low. Wait 6 hours, more if you're not home, and enjoy. (Side note, I put less salt on the steak and use Healthy Request soups because we've cut back quite a bit on sodium, and Richard loves the "gravy" over mashed potatoes.)

    1. I am embarrassed. But it looks like I got a great recipe out of it 😉 Thanks!


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