Thursday, October 13, 2016

Now If I Could Just Breathe

I forgot to take photos of the choices I made at Triton's slab yard.  Boy, do they have some really beautiful pieces of granite and quartz.  There was a beautiful dark green piece of onyx.  If I had an unlimited budget and a mansion, I would buy it and back light that baby!  Can you imagine a green glowing counter top?

I chose black honed piece of quartz with some small details for the kitchen.  Honed slabs are not as polished shiny as regular slabs.  Typically it is a bit cheaper than  the highly polished slabs. But I really love the look of the dull stone.  And a mostly white piece of marble with some grey and tan streaks for the Master Spa bathroom.  Now if I can just get a plumber.

From there I went home to meet the cabinet guy Richard.  While waiting for him, I saw Nancy, my neighbor who relayed messages during the flood from her daughter and Carrie.  She and Greg are staying with 3 different friends, moving around every two weeks.  The camper is better than moving like that.

I forgot to show Jay the Contractor the window in my quilt room.  It is double paned and seems to have water inside the two panes.  Not good.  This may mean I have to change out all the windows on the front of the house.   I can't imagine how much that will cost. 

I spent the afternoon at my GP.  He diagnosed me with a bad sinus infection and gave me pills and cough syrup.  I am actually surprised that i have not had an infection sooner with all the  horrible stuff in the post-flood world.

For kicks, I bought us a treat for supper!  We had those with a couple of chicken pot pies, and we had dinner.

All I want to do now is crawl in bed and sleep this headache away.  Hopefully I will be able to breathe again soon. 


  1. hugs, dear. Throw a wet washcloth in the microwave and put it over your forehead - it will help the headache and soothe the sinuses. Feel better.

  2. I can't imagine what you've been inhaling! Feel better soon. :)

  3. I ma sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hopefully the meds and some rest will help you feel better quickly! I love good root beer!

  4. Glad you went to the GP and have meds to help deal with the infection. Take care of yourself . . .

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  7. Is it any wonder with all that moisture, mold, and mildew? You need to take all the drugs and crawl into your little camper bed and not move till you feel better. Hugs all around.

  8. Sinus infections hurt... move your eyes, pain, breathe in, pain, bend over, well don't bend over. Feel better real soon. Saline spray helps. Zinc lozenges. LeeAnna


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