Monday, October 24, 2016

Schluter Me, Please

I remembered that the new fancy bed was supposed to be delivered this Thursday.  NOT.

We have not had a single worker cross the threshold in this house for 3 weeks now.  I called the mattress people and once again pushed back the delivery of the most spectacular, most comfortable and closest to the bathroom bed in the world.  In MY world at least!   the girl who rescheduled the date for me told me she also had to reschedule the delivery of her own bed for the same reason.  We were like sisters for a moment in time.
I think I found a plumber to replace the one I inadvertently fired last week.  he got some really great reviews from the BBB and Angie's List so I figure he is pretty good.  And my neighbor's group loved his work in the past.   I think he is coming on Wednesday.

The other thing I accomplished was that I found another tile to replace the one that was on the showroom floor but somehow was not available.  Now WHY do they do that?  I think the one I replaced it with is.........get this.........hexagons!

Yes, they are 2 inch hexies in wonderful shades of taupe, grey-brown,, grey, brown.  Of course I didn't take a photo of anything while i was sitting around waiting for them to order a Schluter System for the waterproofing.  Click on that if you want to see what it is.  I had to look it up when Carrie called me this morning and reminded me I had to order one.

If your looking to create a statement floor then these Hexagon tiles really could be the answer. Perfect for a vintage bathroom, kitchen or hallway, use the patchwork tile on its own or with any of the 3 coloured base tiles::
Another interesting thing is that tile is measured totally differently from the hexies quilters have.  We had a sort of miscommunication for a minute when the order guys says, the two inch hexies?  I said no, the one inch ones in shades of taupe.  He said, we don't have any of those, the one inch ones are glass tiles.  Nope, he measures them across the diameter, odd little man he  is.

HomeARCH Renovations. Tiled Shower Niche. Carrara hexagon tile.: I wanted these, but Carrie said no. I wanted those all over the bathroom.  She said, definitely no.

I ended up with something like this one.  But a shade darker and more taupe-y.  They will go into the niches she is putting in across the back wall.

One thing I am excited about is the Ladies Shaving put your foot in there while you shave your legs without falling over!

And yes, I got one!


  1. I bought Schluter for my bathrooms when I remodeled them. I bought the material for the floors and the material for the shower surround. There was a bit of a learning curve for me, but Mike Holmes always uses it so that is why I did.

    Bummer on the plumber issue. Hope this next guy works out for you. I will be anxious to see the tile you bought.

  2. Sounds cool! the Ladies Shaving Niche...and of course those hexies!!! OMG!!! I would love that in a room!!!!


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