Monday, October 24, 2016

Secret Project

My friend and QuiltCon co-conspirator Patty from Patty the Quilt Lady has been working on a secret project.  We have all been dying to see what it was as she shares just tiny bits and pieces of it on her blog posts from time to time.

She said she would mail it off and when it arrived at the recipient's home, she would reveal.

Well, Saturday, it arrived at my house!  OMG!  My house!

Patty does these amazing Rock Music T-Shirt quilts that have hung in several shows in the last several years.  She uses her talents to individually hand embellish each t-shirt.

They are really beautiful works of art.  I had sent her a bunch of Louisiana t-shirts a while back, thinking she might enjoy some LSU Football and Mardi Gras shirts to ply her needle into.

Well, she made this for me.......And you know I have  been having these incredibly bad days trying to get this house back together.  So between the Sneaky Spice Girl Lynne and the Secret Project Woman Patty I am just about as happy as a clam!

Although, there might be some disagreement coming soon, Frank watched me open it and he immediately declared it should be hung in his new office in the house............

Please go to Patty's blog and see her reveal post today.....  Secret Project Reveal

I did tell her that no one has ever made me a quilt before.  But I have given a lot of them away.  This really touched my heart to know the work that goes into these beauties, and how she made it for me!

Thank you, friend.


  1. How perfect!!! Laissez le bon temps roulez at your house now!!!

  2. I had a sneaky feeling it was for you. Frank may have a problem on his hands!

  3. I glad you like it! I had a good time making it. I thought that African Dutch Wax Print was perfect for the backing, but I thought I might be giving too big of a clue showing it. Enjoy!

  4. Beautiful quilt! I know that you are thrilled to receive such a beauty. Poor Frank


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