Friday, October 21, 2016

Sneaky Spice

Lynne, one of my co-barn builders in that Build A Barn book Julie Sefton put together last year, did an amazing thing for me.  She sent me a spice cabinet.  That is just a reminder that you never know where your friends are going to come from, so be nice to everyone!  LOL

You know how important my kitchen is to me, how much I love to cook.  And how I am fighting the little inadequate kitchen in the camper.  Christie gifted me with that slow cooker that has been a life saver.  Lynne gave me the ability to season.

I told her I was having a kitchen orgasm!  Vietnamese Cinnamon!  Spanish Paprika!  OMG!  Oregano, nutmeg, Bouquet Garni!  I was in love with the range of spices.  Things most people don't use, but I use them all!  Mexican Vanilla, tarragon, cumin. Basil, lemon pepper, rosemary, ginger, thyme. 

All so simple, and so basic.  I am so touched  once again,  by a simple gesture like this.

In India, cooks use the same red beans we have here in South Louisiana and add cinnamon and allspice.  The result is a mild, sweet bean dish that compliments the tandoori chicken.

I make the absolute best ribs using Spanish Paprika in the rub.  No, no....I won't give away my secret!

There is this delicious apple pie I make that has a crust full of shredded cheddar cheese.  You pile the 3 kinds of apples high in the middle and fiddle with some amazing spices.  It melts in your mouth.   My son-in-law eats half of it, so I have to make two when he is nearby.  I think he can smell it from across the fields.

Remember my bay leaf trees I had to pull up this past weekend? Lynne even included bay leaves in the box!

You are amazing, my friend.  And right at the moment I needed it!


  1. Well you gotta have bay leaves! They sent you a bumper sticker too!! Way cool!! So happy you can smile. You are most welcome.

    - Sneaky Spice

    1. Yes, you touched my heart........and my stomach!

  2. So amazing. As a cook I love to have the right spices to flavor things. Close definitely doesn't work for my favorite dishes. Bon appetite!

  3. So amazing. As a cook I love to have the right spices to flavor things. Close definitely doesn't work for my favorite dishes. Bon appetite!

  4. To have a friend, is to be a friend......wonderful for you both!

  5. What a thoughtful, kind and well well timed thing to do! Bless her and you - one more illustration of my theory that quilters are the best people in the world

  6. What a happy, happy post! (I really need to get that apple pie recipe from you - it sounds divine)

  7. What a wonderful idea! She is the kind of friend we all hope we can be.
    I can hear excited laughter in your words. It's great that you know how to use all of those spices. I love trying new dishes in restaurants, but that's as close as I get to the spice rack. ;) Enjoy your new spices in the slow cooker, and post a few pics of your cuisine masterpieces.

  8. What a wonderful surprise! There is nothing better than good spices! There is one bulk food store I go to that has the best spices that I can't live without. My newest favorite spice is smokey paprika. Have fun with all those great spices!


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