Monday, October 3, 2016

The Best Laid Plans...

I had only 4 things to do today.

Pick up a valve at the plumbing store.
Drop off a package to return.
Go to my Modern Guild meeting.
Pick up my quilts from the Library Show now living at Pam's house.

I did none of these things.

On the way to Paula's house, i noticed the low tire pressure light was on.  I have never had one of before but I know that sometimes Frank's would come on when the weather changed.  Paula wasn't home but I did a looky look at my tires.

For sure, the passenger side rear looked low.

I headed to the tire store and he came out to check it, and saw a huge nail protruding from the center of the tread.

An hour with him, and my tire was fixed.

I had to turn down a lunch with Carrie, which is a rare offer so I was a bit ticked about that. 

Then Frank wanted me to help him purchase a new phone, that took all afternoon nearly.  I wanted one too!  So we both won!

But when he left, he was getting calls for the guy who had purchased a phone exactly the same time as ours, and was at the next table.   Jerry was getting Frank's calls!  So they headed back, got new SIM cards and were fine.  Just freaky!

There was no way I could make my meeting because Frank needed help with putting tar paper up so we can put the siding back up.  At 6 pm I was sweaty and full of dust.


  1. So much for making plans. I can feel your pain with the nail in the tire. That happened to me a couple of weeks ago and I missed the meet and greet for the artists for the Akron Art Prize. It seems our lives have some very strange and weird parallels!

  2. It's frustrating when plans are waylaid. And that SIM card switcharoo is kind of freaky. Thank goodness there was an easy fix. Sorry about lunch with Carrie, that sounds like it may have been the worse of the disappointments.


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