Tuesday, October 4, 2016

There Is A Mosquito In the Camper

The cooler weather has not eradicated the mosquitoes.  They come in for warmth, I think.  I bought some fly strips, but they got put somewhere and I can't find them at the moment.

One has made her way into the  camper, not surprising because my low-riders seem to want to stop halfway down the ramp and just look out.  This causes a traffic jam on the ramp and the door hits someone's rump.

One day we re all going to end up in a heap at the bottom of the ramp.

Tar Paper on Porch
I am watching Dr Phil this morning.  He is sending his guest to the PNP Center.  I decided I  want to go too.  I want to turn my life over to someone else and have them make it better.  Yep, that is what I think would work at the moment.

but I am here, watching Dr. Phil while they are installing the can lighting in my ceilings.  I shared my milk with one of electrician guys.  And the mosquito.  I hope to kill one of them soon.

In addition to the mosquitoes, we are having a problem with lawn moths.  Stopping at the nursery today is on my list of To Do things today, now combined with the 4 from yesterday.  Since the flood, our lawns have suffered a lot of stress.  Our usually lush green grass is pathetically sparse and browning.  The moth's larvae is the sod webworm.  During a regular fall, there are a few, but now they billow up in clouds when you walk.  This is the perfect time to spray since the dogs are controlled in a small portion of the yard.

Holes for can lights in kitchen
Another thing to do because of the flood.

When we got our  new phones yesterday, the young man who helped us lost everything as well.  he and his mom both had 6 feet of water.  I keep telling myself, it could be worse, it could very well be worse.

By end of day today, I will have can lights!

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