Saturday, October 29, 2016


They are now tearing up the streets to re-asphalt them.  They wanted us to have so much fun with our torn up homes, that they gave us torn us streets to match!  Geez.

Is is just me?

In other floors are nearly in.   Do you think there is something off on this pattern?  Or is it just me? 

Sewing Room

They will be grouted on Monday.  Which can't come soon enough because my laundry room is still not back together.  You would think that the tile guys (who look like they are 13 and have never done laundry) would take my suggestion of doing the laundry room will be simply linoleum.  I explained several times how important the laundry room was to me.

Master Bedroom
I went to Carrie's house and did laundry on Friday.  But now I have another load of sweaty clothes and towels to do.   I am going to go to Paula's tomorrow and toss a load in her washer tomorrow morning.  Hopefully I will be able to put my room back together on Monday.

Last night Frank and I went to the Mall of Louisiana to look for a winter coat for him.  Remember I got that great deal at the Purple Cow on my $16 coat?  Now he wants a coat.  So we go all over the mall, looking for a particular coat.  He only wanted one similar to the one he lost in the flood.  It was, like, 20 years old and of course the styles have changed since then.

He did find a beautiful leather jacket similar to the one I gave him, oh, maybe 15 years ago.  But it was $169 (fake leather now) and he was not going to spend $169 on a coat.  More walking.  We found another one he liked, but it was $189.  Nope.  Finally, I sat him down in the mall atrium and explained that he made six figures and we could afford a $200 coat if he wanted one.

We ended up with a mid-level jacket costing $129.99 and I promised to get a basset hound embroidered on the front like he had before.  With a black saddle to look like Chloe.  He is happy now.

 I saw these gorgeous (and expensive $169) jeans in the Men's Department no less.  I decided I could do that on one of the $4.99 pairs of jeans I bought at the Purple Cow.  Yes.  

I ordered a door from Lowe's today as well.  The current door has water in the glass.  Even though the adjuster said it didn't happen, it did.  I have the door order from a year and a half ago.  Lowe's just copied the order so I will get the same door.  It is due to come in December 10, 2016.

December 10, that is almost Christmas.

Meanwhile, we live with a door with water in it.

For fun and entertainment from my patio.......can you see the TWO frogs?


  1. It took me awhile to find the second frog. It is really hard to see. I think Frank wanted to spend the same amount you did at the purple cow rather that spending $130 on a coat.

  2. why didn't you go to the purple cow first? coats can be expensive but good ones last a long time. Love that new door! can't they finish one room fully so you can move into that one room at least? hopefully to get away from the fumes of all that asphalt - yuck!

  3. I found the second frog, but I dismissed it as a leaf until I enlarged the picture. Congratulations on convincing Frank to get a good jacket that will last another 20 years, but you need to keep an eye out at Goodwill or some where you can get an inexpensive winter coat to do those things that cause the jacket to get oil spots or dirt that won't wash out. My husband and I both buy jackets on clearance at the end of the season for just that reason. We have two stores here that sell second hand men's clothing and have bought stuff there for him. A few years back we bought a jacket for a family member and he picked out a $200 dollar jacket because we could afford it. I went to Sears and bought him a coat for right around $100 on sale and listened to both him and my husband tell me I was being cheap. I then explained to my husband that I have coats that I have had for 30 years that I take care of and none of them were ever even higher mid range when I bought them. I shopped sales for me and I have no intention of buying higher for him. Frank on the other hand should spoil himself since he earned it. Hope the basset turns out just as wonderful as he dreams it will be. Don't tell him what it will cost to be embroidered. You guys have sacrificed enough for that splurge to be his without any hesitation.

  4. Oh, that's right about not telling Frank how much the embroidery will cost. He doesn't need to know everything. He should just enjoy it.

    I don't think I see anything wrong with the floors, even with my glasses, but get Carrie in there before the grouting begins. 13 year olds! If they are 13 you should have pushed them around a bit and gotten your laundry done. I can see a random lady convincing to her husband to get the **** coat already. Oh wait, that would be me. I don't shop, so get it over with already.

    Aren't jeans these days horrid? Give me a whole pair made from clean denim. I do enough damage all by myself, thank you. In fact, I could just wear my old ragged pair with the stains, holes, etc. and fit in just fine. But I feel raggedy. I guess you have to pay for the stains in cash not clumsiness.


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