Monday, November 21, 2016

Cabinet Oddities

They started cabinets today........but not without their own problems......

These are the cabinets in their most raw state.  There is a crown moulding that goes on the top of each cabinet bank that ties them to the ceiling, but there will be a 3/4 inch space for some reason. 

Kitchen.  That window is where the sink will go. 

And this one is the sink on around to the gas range top and range hood.  You are looking through to where my long arm will eventually sit!

Here are a few more cabinets added to the picture above it.  We are calling that "the island".

I chose an Absolute Black counter top.  It will be gorgeous, yes, it will be gorgeous.

And this is "the peninsula".  Must be a nautical theme here, I guess.

I was having a problem with the proportions and we ended up

deciding to take out one of the those cabinets and just do away with it.  It just wasn't fitting.  There is another cabinet piece that goes beyond into the space.  I will show that tomorrow.

What you see covered up in the background is my long arm table in front of that window.

This is the peninsula from the kitchen.

And again from the den/living room.  It will have an Absolute Black counter top as well.  And eventually a couple of bar stools.

Here are the master bath cabinets.  They are honey maple.  There will eventually be a white marble counter top that will hold the oddity that this piece is.  I still haven't figured out why she ordered this appliance garage piece for my bathroom! Hmmmmm.

So far this is the only cabinet casualty.  It is the cabinet that will hold the double oven.  Which poses some problems because I was having the oven delivered next week.

Big Problem, that.

More photos and installs tomorrow. 


  1. Even the strugles are easier when there is so much progress happening! Looks great.

  2. I'm guessing that turntable cabinet is to store all the various stuff we store in our bathrooms with spin-nable access to see the stuff in the back.

  3. Love the shaker style cabinets. They are looking beautiful! What is wrong with the oven cabinet? Did it get damaged in shipment?

  4. That girl is brilliant! Having that cabinet with the turntable things will be so nice for makeup, skin cream, meds, and on and on. And nothing will get pushed to the back where you can't reach, so you have to climb into the cabinet to get that one little thing, and then you can't get up off the floor because your knees are older than the rest of you, so many minutes later a husband comes in to find you sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor for no apparent reason because you forgot what it was you went down there for. Oh, wait, that's my life. Your life won't be anything like that because you have the turntable things in your bathroom. :) Really, enjoy, you deserve it!


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