Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cotton Robin Sign Up

Anyone Game? or, Who Wants to be a Robineer?


If you want to develop your creative ability, your design skills and just plain have fun, consider joining me in the 2017 Cotton Robin.

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From Julie:

The weather has changed to "sweater" so it must be time to start up a new round of robins... 

for basic rules, and send a comment or email Julie if you want to join in. The more, the merrier, right?

If you've participated in the past and want to invite a friend or two with some quilting skills, please do.  

Having said that, of course we're trying to avoid quality control issues!  It is expected that you can cut and stitch a straight line (if you're making something that requires straight lines!) and have familiarity with the various parts of making a quilt... 

See you soon!


- center block (8 to 10 inches) should be mailed to Julie to arrive by January 30, 2017; the blocks will be distributed by February 10.

- center-with-one-border should be mailed to the next quilter no later than March 20.

- center-with-two-borders should be mailed to the next quilter no later than May 8.

- finished quilts can be mailed to their owners whenever you wish, but no later than June 30. Please send Julie a photo of the finished quilt before mailing (via email, not to the blog) 

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