Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote Early and Vote Often

That is our state motto.  You are also lucky if you have a recently deceased relative. Their name is good for $50 just outside the polling limits of 300 feet. 

But the best thing about voting is hat you get a Blue Dog Sticker!

The George Rodrigue Family is makin a ton of money on that one!  Mybe next year they will feature my Ellies quilt.


  1. It always has been and doesn't look like it will change Soon! Keep on smiling.

  2. Seriously? But there is no voter fraud....(-:

  3. I am just catching up from your goings on for the last few days. CAWS event - wonderful! Bathtub goof - bummer! No plumber - frustrating as all get out! Doors - those are a good thing! Sorry to hear your allergies are a problem. Any projections of when you will get to move back in the house? Your new cabinets should be showing up in three weeks?

  4. we have early voting so did ours two weeks ago


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