Sunday, November 13, 2016

Weekend Progress

I told you that beginning midweek last week the progress would be dizzying!

I have doors!  Not doorknobs, mind you, but doors.  They need to be painted before the doorknobs go on.  The two back doors have not been put on yet because I did not have the hardware yet.  But I got some commercial grade handsets keyed to special keys.  Security is uppermost in our minds.

Frank and I also finished putting up the rest of the siding.  We had taken all the siding down, scrubbed it with a sanitizer/mold killer, replaced the felt/tar paper backing and sprayed mold inhibitor on the wood base wall.  A lot of work!

The dogs were horrible.  Well, let me clarify that, McGee was a really bad boy fussing and barking and howling non-stop.

I finally gave up and rewarded him with a trip to the front yard and tied him up.

DiNozzo then took up the clarion call and he got rewarded too.  Not dog trainer tip, merely a tip from a frustrated me.

DiNozzo got further rewarded when a squirrel unknowingly dropped from a tree to hunt nuts and fell inside the leash circumference.  He was able to grab a few tail hairs.  That made his day!

The fireplace is finally done.  I had to order a flexible connector hose that should have come inside the installation kit.  It was missing and the lady at WOODBURNERS said,  Well I have been here 10 years and I have never seen a kit not have that in it.  And than did nothing to help us get one.

It cost me another $32 to get one shipped through  I was very unhappy with their service considering I had already paid them for the fireplace, $500 for the installation AND $256 for the installation kit.  And I paid a plumber to hook up the valve and finish installing the stupid fireplace when Woodburners dropped the bucket.

We decided to test it during the day the firemen would be able to find our house in the day time!

But it worked just fine!  I think it is the first actual part of the house to be back in working order.


  1. I didn't realize you had to take the siding off to clean it. Duh! That makes sense to me now. What a job! The fireplace looks great!

  2. I love the hearth! You're gonna love that fireplace once you can finally move in and relax. It may not seem like it now but that day will come. God knows you deserve it. You're on the home stretch now!


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