Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas at Jamie's House

Her house is finished, she was showing off!  They live in Denham Springs and got about 8 inches of water.  But they couldn't get back there for nearly a week.  While they still lost a lot of things, it was not as much as we did.

However, loss is relative and still loss.

Somehow all my presents this year from everyone were for the kitchen and were all red!  And they said they didn't get together on that, it just happened.  In fact, I was wearing a red shirt as well.  It must be my color,  LOL

I got a lot of kitchen stuff, baking dishes, utensils, grills.  All stuff that I can use and don't have.

Although, they could have gotten me pretty much anything and I wouldn't have had it!

Food was good, as usual.

Frank gave me woolly warm socks for my feet.  He also got me some black hematite earrings, I have no idea where the rest of my earrings are.  I had ordered two sets of small hoops just to have to keep in my ears, I have two piercings.  No variety, but at least earrings.  Now I have two more!  Hematite is a blood stone, considered dark and brooding.  It is used as to support the silver tie that binds the psychic mind to earth as it travels.  Perfect for me.  It is also a grounding stone that promotes optimism and turns negativity into positivism.  Now does that sound like me?  No, LOL.

Paula and Glen stopped by this morning.  She brought me a gift that really touched me.  She brought me makeup.

I lost all my makeup, it was in a drawer in the bathroom.  It felt so personal.  When I opened up her gift, guess what?  I cried!  LOL

It is just the little things that hit me, such small gestures, like that makeup.

  I bought myself a pair of black boots.  I wore them to lunch with friends at a very high class French restaurant on Christmas Eve.  We were leaving and I said, see my Christmas Boots.  I looked down at them and realized they were different shoes.  One had this marvelous tooled leather and the other had a buckle ornament.

No one at the store noticed, I didn't, Frank didn't.  until that moment.  Luckily, we were able to go directly to the store and get the correct boot, so now I have a complete and similar pair!

And this was Frank's new jacket.  He lost all his good clothes in the flood.  So now he has two new jackets and a couple of ties.  This one is a linen flax that looks amazing.  Almost vintage.

Yep, that boot thing was funny.  I am still amazed that no  one picked it up.


  1. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas and got the boot thing straightened out. Here is hoping for a happy and uneventful new year. Maybe just good events.

  2. The boot story is just too funny (now that it is all sorted out). Little things matter - we all know it but you have lived enough of it for a lifetime in the past few months. Frank's new jacket is very cool -- here's to a lot more of the good stuff for both of you in the coming year.

  3. Well, folks could have thought your boots were a new trend! They wear different earrings you know! Happy holidays!

  4. I did the same thing once as your boots, except I just wore the wrong shoe. I thought they matched and they felt like they matched. Later, in the light of day, we discovered that one was black and one navy. I'd ordered the same pair in different colors, cause you know, I'm simple like that. I could have gone the entire day without knowing my shoes didn't match, but no, some kid had to point it out. Then I just looked goofy.

    So glad you were able to fix the shoe thing and, even more, that y'all had a wonderful Christmas. Now for a Happy New Year and things will be off to a whole new start!


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