Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Down In New Orleans

Christmas down in New Orleans   (Click there)

You need to listen to that song, just to see how we celebrate Christmas.  Pure New Orleans Jazz!

New Orleans is such a beautiful city.  With houses that are a couple hundred years old and still magnificent.  People think that New Orleans is all Bourbon Street mess and crime, but it is so much more.

Really good people live there too.

In City Park the city puts up lights that belonged (click there too) to Al Copeland, who started Popeye's Famous Fried Chicken.  He and my dad were good buddies.  Mr. Al used to put up  tons of lights and things in his front yard, but it caused so many traffic jams the neighborhood made him take it down.  He donated it to the City to be put in City Park.

Of course there are the Bonfires along the Levee that are lit Christmas Eve (click here as well) night to light the way for Papa Noel.  Gosh, they are spectacular!

you gotta see that Bonfire video, you can see the structures up and down the levee and the traffic getting ready for the lighting.  And when they are lit.....Oh MY!

Papa Noel can't miss us here!

Happy Holidays to all my friends out there in Blogland. I can't wait for this year to end.


  1. Bonne année, cher, Bonne année.

    oh the city park lights are so fabulous - we had a little convertible, and put the top down and drove under the branches of the ancient live oak trees.... so wonderful.

  2. Joyeux Noel Glen! 2017 HAS to be better than 2016. Sending you hugs and scritches for the dogs!

    Lynne (Sneaky Spice)

  3. Merry Christmas, and have a good time kicking 2016 to the curb. Here's hoping for a happier, better new year, complete with heat and running water and cabinets that fit. Have a happy holiday!

  4. I hope you can take some time off from building to enjoy Christmas with family and friends. Just think in 2017 you will have a brand new beautiful home ❤❤❤🎄🎄

  5. Joyeux Noel from the Marcotte clan in CenLa! We're running the A/C so we can drink our traditional hot cocoa before crawling between the mosquito nets. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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