Monday, December 19, 2016

Monday Madness

Well, what day is not madness around here, eh?

I called my councilman and his secretary, who really handles everything anyway, was shocked with the photo I sent her of the FEMA trailer next door.  She is making some phone calls.  they really just need to move it back up her driveway until it is even with my house and looks on to the side of my house and not my yard and into my den and kitchen.

Talked to Carrie this afternoon, she is itching for a trip.  We are going to Panama for 2 weeks but that is too long for her to be away right now.  So we are talking a long weekend.  Maybe Vegas, maybe Charleston, maybe New York.  Who knows?  Maybe Andrew will even come!

I am having the front bushes  pulled out and the whole thing re-landscaped. David Hogan is coming tomorrow with a crew to start working the beds.  Maybe that will be the first thing to actually get finished around here.  Sad that it is an OUTSIDE thing and not my SHOWER.......

 We are painting the Master Bedroom.  I want one room finished so I can move into it.  Even if we have no running water in the house, I want to move stuff into it.  Like a TV, so I guess I need to call the cable company and get at least one TV in there.  Here is a pic of my painter, he crapped out on me after the 3rd day of painting. 

I have been wanting to show you the barn quilts that came home from their show tour of 2016.  That was definitely one of the huge highlights of the year, to be included in this incredible group of women who are so talented and generous.

I had not seen the two barns finished. Chis Ballard did an amazing job quilting all the pieces.

When I sent it off as a block with no idea we would rock the quilting world with Julie Sefton's book and shows across America.

Here are the Boyz enjoying a sun ray in the cold rainy day yesterday.  Oh, sorry, that is Chloe in the bed near the window!  Sorry, my girl.  She was at the vet for an, um, va-jay-jay infection. She was not happy with the exam and tried to bite the vet.  But he gave her a treat so that smoothed things over. 
And I have to close with this great photo of the Bad Basset Boyz looking  out the front door sidelights.  Maybe a squirrel is out there finding nuts!  LOL....get it.


  1. Glad someone is going to look into that trailer's position next door! I totally understand the wanting one room finished -- totally. Hooray that your quilts are home safely and I love that you were part of our grand SSOBB adventure!

  2. She probably told them to put it there! I will see you soon.

  3. I will have my fingers crossed that the councilman's office can't get that trailer relocated! It is good that his secretary recognizes that it's current location is unacceptable. Really? The painter is taking a nap on your bed? I would have been banging a metal spoon on a metal pot to wake him up!


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