Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Painting Going On!!!!!

I ❤ My painters.

We communicate fairly well, I have a upper low level of Spanish and they have a moderate level of English.  Then there is sign language for the real obscure words.

We have determined that Frank cannot communicate with them at all.  He totally confuses everyone in the room, including me.  Simple things like, I can move the tile boxes, comes out like OMG the
Immigration people are here, run for cover!

And they do such an amazing job in one millionth of the time it took Frank and I to do things.  My house has been painted inside, they are working on the trim today.  And yesterday the guys worked on drywall patching and ceiling popcorn -  the removal thereof.

I sat Jay the contractor down and we had a good heart to heart.  He has agreed to send me the workers I need to finish this house.  Today is Wednesday so tomorrow the trim work, like the rest of the crown molding, will go in.  On Friday, the twins will start my shower tiling.

I am optimistic we will continue this trend.  My house could be done in about three or four weeks.  Frank called our friend Hunter who will do the electrical work to finish the  receptacles and switches.

I am somewhat optimistic.  I still have the second contractor I can call ultimately.  I hope we can finish that without the drama.

I just want to be in the house again.......and cook.  And sleep.  And live.


  1. I think I'm with you on the sequence. Cook, sleep, live.

    good luck!
    Lynne (aka Sneaky Spice)

  2. Those painters are amazing! I just loved the way they have your doors drying. Seeing the crazy lady spying on the workers was beyond belief.

  3. You are getting so close now . . . the devil is always in the details, but from where you were to where you are now is major progress. Fingers (and toes) crossed that the trend continues.


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