Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Danielle Scott-Arruda

This is Danielle, my 6' 2" neighbor!  Carrie was playing high school volleyball when Danielle's family moved in.  Too bad they didn't get to share tips back then!  Danielle was already in Olympic training by that time.  She has been living in Brazil for the last 10 years playing professional volleyball on the team her husband coaches.  She really is an amazing person.

Today, a LOT of work got done at the house.

Our good friend Hunter put in switches and plug ins in most of the rooms.  He will come tomorrow to finish up and begin installing lights.

The Twins laid the mud floor and installed the Schluter System in the shower.  tomorrow they will begin to lay the tile.  I can't believe it is going to happen!!!!

The painters finished up the final touches and picked up most of their equipment,  they will be back on wed or Thursday to do a final run and get the rest of their stuff.

One of the exterior ddoors is the wrong swing.  It will not be accepted back in return and a new one takes two or three weeks to get in.  So I guess I have a door to sell.


  1. Hexie tiles! Nice! Good to see progress. Hope it continues!

  2. Yeah! Action is happening! Love both of the tiles. So interesting!

  3. I'll bet the neighbor lady has been spending lots of time peering over the fence and doing her voodoo dance in the front Yard! LOL

  4. Gosh, Glen, it's starting to look like a house again. You neighbor is beautiful! And she continues to play in her 40's ?!?!?! Fingers crossed that the momentum keeps on rolling on your home.

  5. Love those tiles and the paint colors, too. Your home will be beautiful--magazine worthy--when it's finally finished!

  6. Everything looks so fresh and beautiful! I'm so happy for you - it's finally coming together!


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