Monday, January 23, 2017

Tile and Lights

 Actually the Twins did three things today.

One twin got one wall of my backsplash mostly done.  Carrie is all freaked out that I didn't continue the tile to the end of the black counter top.  I am fine with it ending where the bottom cabinets end underneath.  She should just be happy they weren't 1 inch tiles...........

One twin put up the two pendant lights over the island.

Then he and Tony added a plug near the peninsula so when I have the Big Party I can put the crock pot there with those little weenies swimming in grape jam.

One of my recent purchases was this teak shower stool.  It is beautiful.  I can now go sit in my shower.  But I still can't get wet.


I called Shaun the Plumber to come add the fixtures to the shower.  I didn't find out until today that Jay was not going to do it.  Seems like  he would have told me that last week.......right?


Still no shower.

I wonder how many days I can go without taking one in the camper again......


  1. Awesome shower stool -- and those pendant lights look great!

  2. The gym? The health club? A motel? My house? (the water's hot, but the commute, to say nothing of the cold and snow might be a bit much.)

    Like Julie I love the shower stool and pendant lights.

  3. I'm reading backwards to catch up so in my world you already have water. And your shower is gorgeous! Enjoy!


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