Friday, February 17, 2017

Den/Kitchen Redux

I have to step back into the kitchen and the den again.  This is part of both of them, so I wasn't sure which one it went under.
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Look what I got on Thursday!!!!!

I need to get some mineral oil tomorrow and rub it in.  And Frank is going to put some screws in the underside to hold it in in case anyone decides to hang on the edge of it.

Boy, does it finish the rooms!  I think this really does look good from both the kitchen and the den. That was the idea when we removed that wall!

Here it is with the mineral oil rubbed in.  I don't know if you can see the difference but it is definitely a bit deeper and richer. The shades I am ordering are that exact color and texture.  Carrie uses beeswax as a sealer finisher for her stuff so I will get some of that this weekend.

Chloe is doing well, her incision is healing so the Boyz are not wanting to smell it all the time.  She wanted to be left alone so she snapped at DiNozzo so he steers clear of her now.

We are working on building out the huge 10 foot long closet in the sewing room.  I will have shelves in one half and a hanging rod in the other half.  We stopped when we decided we needed a few more pieces of wood to go further.  We have virtual lumber yard in our walkway, but not the right things it seems!

Tomorrow I will show you the front bedrooms which includes the sewing room.  And maybe a guest bath.  Tomorrow.


  1. Love seeing how well everything is coming together - Quilting storage!!!!!!

  2. That wood is beautiful! I see what you meant the other day about it warming up the rooms. It works with the brick floor especially well--a natural materials connection. So happy to see things moving along.


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