Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dog Portraits

Got a lot of stuff done yesterday.

After we cleaned the Camper From Hell, Frank called Jason.  Jason surprised us with a call last night saying he would be up here this afternoon to pick it up!

Can you believe that?  It will be gone.  A chapter in our miserable lives will be over.


One Room.  The long low piece for the foyer came in.  I am gathering dog portraits from the far reaches of where our stuff is scattered.  I  have four so far.

So here are the dogs I have uncovered.  Still looking for several Irish Setters, Chloe and another Bonnie Doon that was done by Carol Creel.  McGee needs to have his portrait painted.  I thing I will ask Julie to do him, I really like what she did with DiNozzo at the Pub.

Dutch - Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
CH Timberline Double Dutch, CGC, NWPD, CD, JHD

Bonnie Doon - Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
CH Rippling Waters Bonnie Doon, CGC, NWPD, CD, JHD

DiNozzo - Basset Hound
Julie Amador did this one, she is my Dog Chair at CAAWS and an amazing artist.  Her photography is even better.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
No one in particular, but this is a compilation of different woods. There is no paint, the colors of the woods are what you see in their natural state.

One room.    My foyer wants me to get a rabbit.  It plainly wrote Bunnies on the tile yesterday.  and I don't know about you, but if your foyer commands you to do something, I do it!  Maybe today it will say, go eat Italian Cream Cake.


  1. Gorgeous portraits - I especially like the one done with woods.

  2. Love the portraits! Does it count if I say "go eat Italian Cream cake?". I am married to a second or third generation immigrant so maybe that would help. One half of his Italian grandparents were legal the other jumped ship. Enough of being ridiculous - hope you have a good day.

  3. The camper is GONE! Hooray!
    I'm moving "miserable" to a different place in your sentence: "A miserable chapter in our lives will be over." Hopefully just the flood part of your lives was miserable. (People tell me that I'm pushy with words, but really, I don't understand why anyone would accuse me of such.)

    I hope that one day I'll get to see the dog portraits. They look interesting and I'd love one of my little Cotton. Your paintings and the dogs are gorgeous!

  4. The long low piece is wonderful! I don't have much of an entry so I am a bit jealous! The pictures of the dogs will be a lovely way to honor them. Good riddance camper! Now it times to move forward and enjoy your space!


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