Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Story of the Long Arm Pole

Yesterday, as you noticed, my long arm was magically transported from the Quilt Haus to my house.  The Quilt Haus was keeping the Avante dry and warm until I was able to take it back.    Glen and Frank lent the muscle to move it into position.  Paula helped me remember everything went back together.  Jimmy Smits was nowhere to be seen!  Amazingly, it was perfectly level on the initial set up!

 You remember the story of the lost pole? 

(the word prompt for yesterday was oversight - so my 6 word story is - An oversight, the pole is lost!)

The day everyone came to gut the house, my friends Charlene and Paula came to help with the sewing room stuff and all the fabric.  Glen dismantled my long arm and took the Avante and my Viking/Husqvarna to the Quilt Haus.  They loaded up the poles and heads in Frank's truck bed.

The entire neighborhood was gutting their houses.  The piles of debris were climbing higher and higher in the street and yards.  You could barely see the house behind the piles.  Lives were being dumped on to these sad piles.

Two days later, Glen was driving down the Boulevard and he slams on the brakes and throws it in reverse.  He tells Paula, Look!  There is one of the poles from glenda's machine!

Sure enough, one of my 10 foot poles had fallen out of the truck.  It is so totally unbelievable that he would recognize a single long arm pole among the piles of debris.  And we didn't even know one was missing!

It was beaten up a bit, scraped some paint off in places.  The end ratchet was together but a piece was cracked, but it was completely usable.  I need to get some of that appliance repair paint, or some white Rustoleum paint and touch it up.

I will call Margaret, otherwise known as Aunt Meg, and see if she can order me an end pole insert.

I think I owe Glen a solid for that one!

He did have a chance to have some fun.  The crazy lady from next door began walking up and down in the street by his car parked in front of my house.  She wanted to see what we were doing.  Every time she would walk near his car, he would push that button to make it honk!  we had a good laugh for a few minutes before she decided to give up an go inside.


  1. One day she will come out when Stelly and I are there. I so want to enjoy that interaction!

  2. How great that you have friends willing to rescue your long arm pole and even better that he got to have some fun doing it. It would have been worth the price of admission to see The Crazy Lady every time that horn beeped.

  3. we all have one of those neighbors, I guess

  4. That is fantastic that you are getting your longarm set up!

  5. For all your misery, there's this one story. That's the story you should remember: the miracle of the long-arm pole. (Really, what else could it be? A miracle I tell you.)


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